The game “Lost” from Bet Soft Gaming is of the usual style from this company. This means that the game itself continues a kind of story shown in a video on the main game page. This story has to do with Dr. Dakota Bones, who is a kind of parody of Indiana Jones. Their quest is to seek treasure found in Ah-Amdad’s treasure chamber area. The game itself has high quality graphics that show Dr. Dakota with his fedora and overcoat standing to one side. On the right is a sarcophagus that looks a bit like King Tut.

Below the main game square is the “Choose Coin” option that lets you set how many coins to bet at once. All of the button on this row are on top of various treasures such as gold chests, lanterns, vases and so on. When you’re ready to make your bet and spin the wheel, you just click on the “Spin” button in the bottom right that’s engraved onto a golden chest with Egyptian carvings on it.

You can check what the payout is by clicking on “View Pays” in the top right. It’s based on how many square images you match in a row. Each image has a picture with a theme from the story. For example, there’s a picture of Dr. Dakota, a picture of a golden Ankh, a picture of Dakota’s sidekick and so on.

Every time you click the spin button you hear a musical stab of appropriate adventure music as well as the sound of stones moving past stones. There’s also a wild card in the form of a mummy holding up a magical staff. You hear an electrical discharge sound from the glowing staff when this wildcard comes up.

If you win, the screen will tell you right away including how many credits you won. Your credits are based on what iteration of coin you have selected. So if you’re betting “1” or a full credit per time, then your credits are based on your direct balance. If you only bet “0.02” per time then it automatically shows you how many credits you have based on numbers of clicks you’d get if you used all of them.

Additionally, you can select a “Payout Multiplier” in the top right of the screen. This goes from “1X” to “5X” in terms of how many times more you want to bet. You’ll go through your credits much faster this way, however. The sound is also helpful in that it gives you little clicks every time that a square falls into place. It makes it more satisfying to hit the spin button every time.

It certainly often has the effect of making it a bit more exciting every time as well. Overall, the game has a lot of animation going for it from the torches that constantly burn on either side of the game screen, to Dr. Dakota who constantly fidgets if you don’t hit the spin button. He will also periodically do other things as well such as mumble to himself.