Before the days of online gambling, there was only one big choice; land-based casinos. This is how places like Vegas, Atlantic City and Reno got their start. People loved to hear the clanking of coins falling down into the metal tray as they collected their winnings. Putting in a hard day at the slots brought one of two things, either the players went home happy or broke. There never seems to be anything in-between. There’s something about being in a casino that just takes you to a whole other dimension. It’s the atmosphere and the bright lights. It’s simply mesmerizing.

There are other perks to these establishments too. At most casinos, it is customary to get free drinks. As long as gamers are drinking, the casino assumes gamers will be playing. The profits lost from the alcohol that they serve doesn’t nearly compare to the profits they bring in from their players who are a bit inebriated and having a great time. There are waitresses all around to attend to a player’s every need. They have multiple restaurants, stores, salons, and some even go as far as having a massage therapist that works on back and necks of those playing the table games. Who wouldn’t bid a bit more if they had someone rubbing their back and neck? These are all lovely services that don’t cost a thing, other than a tip for those who are generous. A player can drink all day and night long, just as long as they are gambling.

Things shifted about ten years ago when the brick and mortar buildings when online gambling came to the forefront. For some avid players, they learn the establishment, the waitresses, the workers and they wouldn’t think of stepping out on their friends to visit an online casino. However, there are those who don’t live anywhere near a casino, so online gambling is their only option. For them, it makes sense to play their games online. They no longer have to drive hours and pay for a hotel just to have a fun night at the slots. It meant Vegas and Atlantic City weren’t the only options. But what about the people who live in close proximity to a casino and still choose to play online? Which method is better? Which slots have the highest payouts and would a gamer do better betting online as opposed to going to an establishment? The answers are not as easy as one might think.

The modern player has a smartphone, computer, tablet, and laptop. They are constantly on the internet. Playing games online to this crowd becomes second nature. They wouldn’t think twice about gambling their day away without one of their many devices. This group would be up for a night on the town, but they love what the internet offers them. It’s all about flexibility and being able to play the game whenever and where ever they are. But the online world is very different. There are no restrictions like land-based has with size. One online establishment can offer more than 500 games. It’s all in the construction of the site, but for a land based casinos, they would have to really have the room for that many games.

The land-based casinos do offer a fun experience and everyone should get to see what’s like just once in their lives. So many plan their vacations around going to one of these places because of how much fun they are. Others want to take a turn at the roulette table or have the thrill of all the slots in a row just calling out to them. Online casinos cannot give a player the thrill of spinning the one-armed bandit and hearing those coins drop. But today’s modern online world has taken the driver’s seat when it comes to diversity. Though new land-based casinos are still being built, many have closed. It seems that many people prefer the comforts of playing from home. Gamers can grab a cold one, prop their feet up and enjoy the slots from their living room. Another thing that must be considered is the fact that there are no costs for travel, hotels or any of the glitzy services that some players get roped into.

The online companies don’t have the large overhead that the land based operations do. So on that note, they are able to offer slots that are looser. Some people are under the delusion that if they go to Vegas they will be able to make more money and that the jackpots are larger. It’s actually completely the opposite. The jackpots online are much larger, and the opportunities to win more money is better. Many of the online slots are progressive. These jackpots can grow quite large due to the volume of players on the web.

So which is better for the modern player? It’s actually very easy to see the being an online gambler is a fun way to have slots and table games available at one’s fingertips. The brick and mortar establishments certainly have their place too. These great buildings offer many amenities, but they are for those who want a vacation or the older person who isn’t tech savvy. The young and demanding player wants lots of variety, they want to be able to make great money, and they don’t want to drive across town to do it. They want a casino that allows them to use their smartphone or their laptop. The hip crowd these days is technologically advanced. Because of these shrewd youngsters, online casinos have dominated the casino industry. The question is how many establishments will be lost because of the online world?