Blackjack is a casino game that requires skill and a bit of luck to gain a profit. There are multiple tips to improve upon your odds of winning including when to split cards, opportunities to double down, card total to hit or stand with your present hand, and money management tips that will improve upon your odds of winning a bit of money while enjoying the time spent at the table. Players will receive the same card value on occasion and it is important to gage when the odds favor a player to split the cards in an attempt to better the dealer’s hand.

Always split a pair of eights which importantly breaks up a poor total of 16. Even if one of your hands defeats the dealer’s and one loses, it will be a wash thus potentially saving some of your bankroll. Never split a pair of tens or fives. A pair of tens is advantageous since the dealer has to blackjack in order to defeat the hand. A pair of fives totals ten and backed up with a high card will better your odds at defeating the dealer versus splitting the fives and hoping multiple hits gets in line with the dealers total.

When feasible, look to double down on a hand that totals 11 even if the dealer has a total of ten. If your hand totals ten, double down if the dealer has a card less than a nine. Double down with a nine if the dealer has a three, four, five or six showing. Most struggle to determine when to hit or stand on a present count. The rule of thumb is to stand at 17 or higher, and stand at 13 if the dealer’s face up card is six or less.

Managing your bankroll properly permits one to increase their odds of going home a winner. Always wager the amount one is comfortable in potentially losing versus using funds meant for your rent. Select a fixed amount of money to be utilized for a specific timeframe and walk once the period of time has expired. Vary your bets by putting down more if on a winning streak, and conversely, less if on a bit of a down trend. Winning and losing streaks are part of any game; patience will lead one to cashing in more times than naught.

An optimal way to develop your skills in winning consistently in Blackjack is to practice. Utilize an online Blackjack game and play via the free mode to become comfortable with all sorts of hands. At the casino, use a table that has a maximum betting limit of no higher than five percent of your bankroll, so if struggling a bit on a losing trend, one will have sufficient funds available to win back their losses.