Roulette is a casino game that is not as popular as poker, or the slot machine. This is a game of pure chance and not a favorite among players. Newer games such as Caribbean stud and Let it Ride have passed roulette in popularity here in the United States. However, in Europe, roulette still brings in a big crowd.

The first thing that we have to note about roulette is that there are different wheels. The table here in the United States is different than the French one that the Europeans use. In Europe a lot of spectators like to watch this game and it is a big hit in the European Casino Resorts. The wheel has 36 numbers on it. The difference between the American wheel and the French wheel is the number 0. In the American wheel, there is one 0 and a 00. In the French wheel there is only one 0. All bets using either wheel are paid at different odds. The one thing that you do want to know is that the American wheel does have a higher house advantage. The French wheel is mostly used in Europe. There are instances where the French wheel is used in the United States, but only in high stake rooms. A lot of players even though they don’t play roulette do like to watch the game. It is very entertaining and a fun way to spend some time.

Okay, so the way it works, is that there are multiple bet options as well as combinations. Then the ball is spun and you have to see if the ball lands on one of your combinations in order for you to be called the winner. The roulette table consists of a rectangular table. At one end is the wheel. On the other end are different boxes with the corresponding numbers of the wheel on it. They also have a red or black indicator. So you can choose a number and bet on it, but you will also have to choose red or black. Both have to be present for you to win. So in other words if you chose red 31 and the ball landed on black 31 you got the number right, but not the color, so you would not have won that round. The ball would have had to land on red 31 in order for you to win. Roulette has their own special chip which is different in color. That way the dealer is able to keep track of which chips belong to which person. The player can also put a monetary value on that chip. So for the first round the player may put a value of $1 on the chip. This can be changed later in the game. Each player has their own color of chips.

This game is purely a game of chance. In this game the house does have an advantage. This game may not be popular here in the United States, but in Europe it still draws a big crowd. It is still an entertaining game to watch even if you don’t participate.