Let It Ride Poker Rules

Let it Ride is amongst the many poker games that we have. It originated in the late nineties and was one of the first of the new casino games. It is a simple, and fun game, and pretty much anyone can learn to play the game with ease. Unlike other poker games. You have the chance to decrease your bet after other cards are shown if the player is not to found in the hand that were giving.
To get the game started, each player must place three equal bets out. It can be any amount as long as everyone put down the same money value. The next step in the game is for the dealer to deal out three cards that will be face down to each player of the game. The dealer will then deal two cards that will be down face to himself. After each and every card been dealt to each player; you can then look at your cards.

After the players examine their cards, you can then base your first move on the hand that you receive. If you are happy with the cards that you were dealt, then you can “let it ride”. If you think you do not have that good of a hand, then you ask for your first bet back. As a rule of many cards games, you must not show your hand to any other player in the game.

After each player makes their decisions on how they want to make their first bet, the dealer would then flip over one of his cards. The players will then use that card in conjunction with their last 5-card poker hand.

After you seen the card that the dealer flip over, you then need to decide how will you bet. You can take your second bet back, or you can “let it ride” again. You must remember that you can only change your second bet at this point in the game, your first bet will now remain the same. You also do not have an opportunity to change your third bet.

Once all of the players decided on their second bet, the dealer will now flip over his second card. This will now be the last card that will complete each player five-card poker hand.

You must have a pair of 10’s or better to have a winning hand. If each time you let your hand “let it ride”. Then you will receive three times more money. If you only pull back once, then you earn two times more money. If you pulled back twice, then you only get paid once. If you did not have a winning hand, then the dealer will take all of the bets that you left on the table.
If you have a hand that won, then you will be paid by the following chart:
Pair of 10’s or Better — 1 to 1
Two Pair — 2 to 1
Three of a Kind — 3 to 1
Straight — 5 to 1
Flush — 8 to 1
Full House — 11 to 1
Four of a Kind — 50 to 1
Straight Flush — 200 to 1
Royal Flush — 1,000 to 1

Poker games are all about thinking and using the right strategy. It is important to make sure that you observe your hand all the way through before manking any moves. There are a few great tips that you should consider when you play this game. If you have a pair of 10s or better in your hand when the game first starts, then it is a good idea to “let it ride” each round. You should also “let it ride if you have anything better then a 10 in your hand such as a straight flush.

When you receive your fourth card from the dealer, you should only “let it ride” in particular circumstances. Those circumstances are when your have tens or better, two pairs and three of a kind. You should also “let it ride” when you have a hand that has four of the same suits, when you have a four to an outside straight, or any four to an inside straight with four high cards.

An inside straight is when you have an inside card that is missing. For instance, if you hand consisted of 2,4,5,6, that mean you have an inside straight. It is called an inside straight because there is not a three that should be “inside” the 2 and 4. An outside straight would be 2,3,4 and 5. This is an outside straight because you do not have the next number that will be “outside” this straight. Outside straight are better then inside straight because you have a better chance getting that outside number then the inside number.

If you follow these rules carefully and take notes of the tips for this game, then you will be a “Let it ride poker champion in no time. Enjoy! and happy poker playing.