Craps Rules


Whatever you do, do not hit the casino unless you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting yourself into. Gambling is a game of chances but the chances are highly influenced by your knowhow. It is highly recommended therefore that you take time to watch and learn the basics and techniques in the game to avoid regrets. You cannot learn gambling by actually gambling because that will be an extra expensive affair all together. There are different optional games to play but for now we focus on the game of Craps. Below are the rules of the game.

General review

Before we even get started on the rule of the game (Craps), it imperative to note that this is one of the most played as well as exciting games in the casinos. The thrill of the game is achieved just like in any other game when you make the winning move. The game is a very fast game creating the most thrilling anxiety and the tensions give it the exciting touch. Too much noise ad anticipation is what makes the game a favorite of many both the players and the onlookers. That said, let’s have a look at the game itself.

Crabs begin with a shooter who is chosen among the players. After making bets, the shooter is given the dice to throw. From here onwards the chosen shooter will continue until that time when he or she will roll the dice and get a losing combination. Betting on the other hand is actually depended on the betting options on the craps table which are quite exciting. When the dices are thrown by the shooter, the point value of their resting points rules the bets. This creates an exciting moment when the dice are still in motion as the opponents watch close to see the point value of rest of the dices.

The craps table

At the table, bets on craps are made with chips and on top of a unique table known as the craps table. On the table is a laid out table cloth that has a very conspicuous display of the various betting possibilities. A crabs table is oval shaped or more or less the shape of your regular bathtub. One table is actually manned by four or even more casino workers. This is mainly because the game attracts many bets and the game as mentioned earlier is a very fast paced activity. This is to ensure that there are no mistakes in the midst of game.

Rule of play

Every casino has its own unique offers on bets and the pay-outs thereof. The game involves an alternating turns of throwing the dices. There are different types of bets which include the Pass Line Bets, Don’t pass bets, Come bets, Odds bets, Buy and Lay bets, Place bets to win, Hard Ways bet, field, Any 7, Any Craps, Two Carps, Twelve Craps, Eleven, Horn High bets, Big 6 and Big 8 bets, and lastly the Hop BETS. These are the available betting choices in the craps casino game.

How to play

As earlier mention, this sis a dice game. One of the most notable characteristics of a dice game is the heebie-jeebies and shouts around the table as spectators cheer the game. The quality of the dices used in a casino craps game are made in a deliberate and unique internationally accepted standards and to ensure fair play casinos keep a regular check on them to make sure that they are not dented. A slight dent can actually cause serious disadvantages to places hence the strict routine check-ups to avert such a possibility. The standards and the quality of the dices is so important that they are replaced with new ones after a spun of 8 straight hours of play.

At the table, there is always a stick standing waiting to hand over the dices to the shooter. The stickman hands over five dices that the shooter is required to pick two from. After the two dices are picked, the rest are returned in the Stickman’s bowl where they remain and are not used in the game. The rule demands that rolling the dice must be done using one hand and dices must hit the other side of the table. In some instances, the dices can be thrown in unintended force that they fall over the table and to the ground.

When this happens, the stick man must inspect the dices to ensure that they are not damaged before they are returned on the table again. A regular craps table is capable of hosting almost 20 players and all of these payers get a chance to shoot the dices, as such the chances to damage the dices are very high hence the regular inspection. However, a player has the option of declining to throw and in this case they have to bet on the thrower. On the other hand, there is the casino crew made up of the stickman, the box man, and two other dealers.

In every round of the craps, there are two phases which are known as the Come Out and Point Phases. The games starts with the shooter making a single or several Come Out throws. Pass Line bets lose when Come Out rolls results in a 2, 3 or 12 values. On the other hand, Pass line bets results into a win the rolls result into 7 or 11 values. When a shooter fails to make a point with the first Come Out roll, the dices are handed over to another player. This is normally the player on the immediate left hand side of the previous player. The game assumes a clockwise motion the entire time of play.


Craps is a very interesting game and one of the most exciting casino actions to watch. It is the favorite of many gambles and it actually remains to be the simplest of all casino games. Understanding the game is however paramount in order to perform better at the table.