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PayPal is an international online payment method that allows users to connect their bank accounts for money transactions. Withdrawals and deposits: PayPal acts as an online bank, allowing individuals to access their accounts from anywhere in the world. Many websites, stores and services are providing direct PayPal account payments to speed up online transactions. Checks, money orders and other traditional paper methods of money are being replaced by this revolutionary new payment service. Personal and business transactions are made quick and reliable with PayPal online money. With over 100 million accounts 190 markets, PayPal is transforming the world of online payments. PayPal allows you to send money from your PayPal account to others who don’t even have a PayPal via email, an inclusive user-friendly service that increases user satisfaction.

Types of Accounts

There are three types of accounts available to the public. First, there is the personal account. The personal account gives you the basic core features but does not give personal customer support. Contact numbers are available, but wait times are usually lengthy. Premier and Business accounts are available, which allow multiple identities to access a shared PayPal account. These accounts have everything a personal account has, but they can also set up recurring payments through subscriptions, and have unlimited use of withdrawals and deposits with ATMs. Toll-free numbers and additional service hours are provided for the Premier and Business accounts.

Safe and Free

PayPal is entirely free – no small print with hidden charges. Charges can apply when withdrawing money excessively to your bank account. PayPal is a safe and secure way to do business. No longer do you need to meet in person for business transactions, you can simply enter in the recipient’s PayPal account and transfer the money directly and instantly. You no longer risk your security by typing your bank account and credit card numbers into various sites, but you simply pay with your secure PayPal account. Security is in operation 24/7 to guarantee your transactions and money are safe. With innovative technology and experienced personnel, fraud prevention and incorrect transactions are significantly reduced. PayPal even provides refunds for the purchase and shipping costs for orders that fail to arrive or do not match the specified description. PayPal has a guarantee to protect all accounts for charges for items not purchased, items never received and items drastically different than the ones purchased. PayPal Security Key is an additional protection feature that is a portable device that resets your password every 30 seconds and replaces it with a new 6-digit passcode.

Send and Receive Money

No longer do you need to go to the bank to pay off bills. Since PayPal is becoming universally accepted, most businesses allow you to pay off charges with PayPal convenience. Online shopping, rent and even school tuition can be paid simply and easily. Friends and family can transfer money directly to your account. Paying people back has never been more simple! Small businesses no longer have to go through the difficult and risky process of online correspondence of banking details. Now, you can get paid for your work immediately without compromising your accounts. Freelancing work is safe and efficient. Local transactions are proficient, and PayPal organizes them neatly for accounting and record-keeping purposes.

PayPal Credit

PayPal has recently released PayPal Credit, credit with flexible payment options that can be tailored to your individual time constraint and needs. Special Financing options are available for larger purchases. There is no interest or additional payments if you pay-off all of your credit within 6 months of a purchase exceeding $99. PayPal is reliable and does the work for you by taking the initiative in calculating your expected monthly payments for each purchase you make. Easy Payments notifies you when it’s time to make your payments, so users can rest easy knowing PayPal Credit is doing almost all the work. PayPal Credit allows you to store all your payment options in one place and spending money with PayPal costs nothing. By using PayPal, you can save money! PayPal shop allows you to save money while using their services to make your online purchases. Discounts and exclusive deals are available by accessing the PayPal shop.

Despite all of the hype, convenience and popularity of PayPal, many users have experienced unpleasant encounters using PayPal in the past. Although PayPal acts as a bank, it does not provide the protection and regulation that your money would be afforded if with a real bank. Because PayPal does not hold any real money, the government does not consider them to be a credible bank. Instead, PayPal is licensed simply as a “money service.” The biggest complaint from users is the notorious freezing of accounts. When an account is frozen, funds cannot be deposited or withdrawn, a problem that can cause businesses dire consequences. The process to reclaiming funds and recovering accounts is lengthy and painful. Regardless of these negative complaints, PayPal continues to grow its users.