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EcoCard provides an easy and secure method of online payment for most online gambling casinos through their EcoPayz system. This virtual wallet can be used internationally. You can obtain an EcoCard account even if you do not qualify for a credit card and use it to purchase online casino credits and to shop online anywhere in the world.
EcoCard accounts are not currently available to residents of the United States.

The need for an online easy-pay system like EcoCard dates back to the mid 1990’s with the birth of the first internet gambling websites. The small Caribbean countries of Antigua and Barbuda saw the huge economic potential in online gambling and decided to accommodate the new enterprise. When they realized the United States would probably not allow online gambling, both countries passed Free Trade and Processing Acts that gave them the right to grant licenses to operate gambling websites from within their borders.

Overnight, online gambling went from a dream to reality.
Canada quickly joined the trend with the establishment of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that granted a gaming license To the Mohawk Indian Tribe. They opened their first online casino in 1996.
Soon online gambling in sports and the meteoric rise of online poker combined with the established off-shore casinos drew the ire of brick and mortar casinos in the United States. Congress reacted in 2006 by passing the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

This act caused so much confusion in the online gambling industry that many gambling sites closed or suspended operations until the facts could be sorted out. This confusion remains to this day.
The UIGEA act did not make inline gambling illegal. What it did was cut off the payment method between the players in the United States and the offshore and foreign-based casinos. In short, US players could gamble but were not allowed to use credit or debit cards for payment or to accept winnings.

Several popular sites like Poker Stars and Full Tilt rejected the act and continued to accept play from US players. Unfortunately, those sites were seized and forced to shut down by the US government in 2011 and could no longer accommodate players who resided in the United States. This exclusion of payments from US based players continues today.
Online gambling continued to flourish, however. Non-banking companies like PayPal jumped in and allowed their customers to use their accounts for online casino action. Government attorney generals quickly stepped in and sued. The non-bankers quickly withdrew their online gambling support.
This led to the successful growth of alternative payment methods like the UK- based EcoCard.
EcoCard was first established in 2000 and continues as one of the longest established digital payment systems (called wallets) in the world.

In 2009, the parent company of EcoCard, PSI-Pay Ltd, joined up with MasterCard and also launched their first iPhone mobile application device.
EcoCard was rebranded in 2013 as EcoPayz and re-launched in January of 2014 along with the EcoVirtualcard. Several months later, the company launched their successful application for Apple and Android devices. In 2015, EcoCard won “Best Prepaid Card Design” at the Prepaid 365 Awards.
The brand name EcoCard remains as one of the EcoPayz core brands on the physical card. Payments are made to EcoAccount.

EcoCard is not a pre-paid debit card. It is an electronic wallet. It is one of the highest regarded online gambling despot sites available today. It issues electronic money recognized by the United Kingdom. Electronic payments are made instantly between the customer and merchant.

Some of the benefits of using EcoCard for your online casino play are:

It’s free to sign up. No application fee is required.
EcoCard offers safe, impregnable security. High levels of SSL encryption methods prevent data theft.
You can access your account by iPhone if you desire.
It’s impossible to incur debt within the EcoCard system. You can only wager with the cash balance in your wallet.
You can retrieve your winnings through your bank account or an ATM machine.
EcoCard processes all forms of international payment.
Your payments to EcoCard with a credit card are made anonymously.
You can use your EcoCard to secure perks and promotions from Club EcoCard.

Another advantage of using EcoCard over a regular credit card is that you are not required to transmit your private banking information over the internet. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost each year to thieves able to intercept and use that information to plunder accounts worldwide
Strong merchant accounts and affiliate programs are also a mainstay of the EcoCard family of business opportunities. With your EcoPayz Merchant Account, you can instantly make and accept payments around the world in 45 currencies.