The game Double Joker Poker is a new twist on the classic poker game. When this game is played both jokers are kept in the deck and are part of the game play. To start off the game a person places their bet. They will then be dealt a hand containing five cards. They can look through the cards and decide which ones they want to keep to make a good hand. They will able be able to discard the cards they do not like in their hand. A person is aiming to get the same type of hands as traditional poker. A person needs at least two pair for a high card for a winning chance. Three of a kind, two pair, straights, and flushes are also desired. The jokers will count as wild cards to help a person make their hand.

The better the hand a person has the bigger the payout they will receive. The lowest hand a person can have is two pair. This can include a card and a joker being used as a wild card. The highest hand that a person can get is a natural royal flush. This is a royal flush without the use of jokers. This is followed by five of a kind and the joker royal flush. Other winning hands can contain jokers and the player will not be penalized by using these wild cards.

Double joker poker can be found at casinos throughout the country. This game can also be found on the internet. Before playing for money many people can play practice rounds so they can get the feel for the game and using the wild cards. The amount of money a person can win is going to bet on how much money the players have bet. The person could play against the dealer or other players. This game does require skills and knowledge of the different card probabilities and the ability to read other players. A person can also work on their bluffing strategy as well if they do not have a good hand. A little bit of luck of the draw is required as well. On average one of the jokers will appear once every ten hands. To increase chances of having the winning hand holds hands that are three of a kind of better. When going for a royal flush discards the lower cards to increase the chance of winning. Poker is not fun without a little risk when going for a good hand. No matter what hand a person is going for even if they were dealt a low hand be sure to hold onto the joker. The joker can always be used to assemble at least a pair.
Double joker poker is a fun twist on traditional poker. If a person plays their hand right they can win a bit of money. Since there are two jokers in the deck that a person can use to complete their hand they have a higher chance of winning a round and getting a payout.