Video poker is amazingly popular. Casinos entertain scores upon scores of different players from around the world and all age ranges with the chance to win big (or even just win a little) at video poker. Why is video poker so popular? The game is pretty easy to play. The concepts of draw poker are at work and, as long as the player grasps the basics of the game, the ability to navigate the cards on the screen is fairly simple. Well, the ability to choose what cards to keep and which ones to replace is easy in simple in terms of just hitting buttons on the screen. Making the actual decision as to which cards to keep and discard based on a particular hand might require some thought.

When playing Deuces Wild video poker, the rules are going to change somewhat from those games without wild cards. Being dealt paired hands is going to open some speculation about the potential decisions to be made.

What is Deuces Wild video poker, exactly? Again, the game is a standard form of draw poker and is played with a 52 card deck. There won’t be any out of the ordinary surprised when playing the game. What makes this form of video poker unique is found right in its name. The Deuces (two’s) are wild. That means the player can make the cards into anything they wish. More opportunities to win hands are then opened up as a result.

In traditional poker, a pair may be enough to win a pot if the pair beats out the other players. With video poker, the player is simply trying to create a great hand as an entity in and of itself. In other words, the player is not trying to beat someone else nor is he/she trying to beat the computer. The goal is simple to end up with the best possible hand. The higher the hand in the poker pecking order, the higher the payout on the hand is going to be.

A Royal Flush is going to deliver a massive payout. Getting a Royal Flush, a straight flush, or four of a kind is not exactly easy. The reason why the payouts are so enormous is due to the low - but not impossible - odds of hitting the right combination of cards. Other more accessible outcomes exist. Three of a kind, two pairs, a straight, a flush, and even a full house are more possible. They are winning hands and well worth pursuing.

Getting a “junk hand” of nothing could mean the player does not qualify to continue. A “Jacks or Better” rule may be in effect, which means the player has to have a pair of Jacks or better (two pair, three of a kind, a pair of aces, and so on) in order to qualify. If not, the house takes the win. Not every game has this rule, which means players have more options in which to strategize from. A “high hand” of a mere single face card and an 8 could open the door to big win. No one knows until the final cards are drawn. No matter what type of hand is being played, steps must be taken to do the right thing and improve the chances of winning.

Playing pairs complicates things. A common strategy would be to keep the pair and then discard the other three cards. the idea here is to end up with three of a kind. The possibility of hitting four of a kind and a full house exist as well. However, keeping the pairs is not necessarily always the best choice. If the player has a pair of 3’s and one of the 3’s is a club and the player has two other clubs, then discarding the 3 that doesn’t fit the suit is an option. The obvious goal here is to try and win with a flush.

The inclusion of wild deuces does make things a bit easier for the player, although no outcome can be predicted with any 100% certainty. Since there are four cards with a “2” on them, that means four wild cards are available to shake the game up. The player does have to draw them at some point in order to take advantage of their value.

Drawing one of more deuces during at the onset of the game is a lot easier than hoping and relying on any 2’s to be dealt after the initial discarding of unwanted cards.

Video poker, be it the Deuce’s Wild variety, a form of Jacks or Better, or another game falls in the category of a game of chance. Because of this, it becomes difficult to arrive at any particular outcome when playing play paired hands or, for that matter, any type of hand. At least with the wild cards, things are a bit easier and that presents a positive advantage to the player. It also helps the game maintain a high level of deserved popularity.