Click2Pay is a popular system for depositing money electronically. It has a number of positive aspects to it that make it such a popular approach. Here are some examples of these features.

One Step Deposit

Many other systems require an involved process for transferring funds. With Click2pay, you have the advantage of being able to do just about everything you need to do with just one step. You don’t have to put funds in your account before you withdraw money out, that is.

Instead, you can transfer funds right through the site and right on the cashier page for the gambling site. You can do all of this in real time. This allows you to get your gambling account set up and ready to go without any warning. After all, not every knows exactly what site they’re going to want to play and when they’re going to want to do this ahead of time.

The simplicity of this system also appeals to many people. For example, you will usually receive information about the deposit or withdrawal made within two or three days of making the transaction. There isn’t a delay of days and days like there often is with this sort of site.

It is true that checks can take a little longer to process, but this is pretty standard for just about any site of this nature. This will usually be only an extra day or two on average.

Smooth Interface

The fact that it’s just one step means that you don’t have to do a lot of hunting around. All you have to do is hit the icon for the service on the gambling site you want to use, and the type in the email address and account number for the service. After that, it’s just a matter of typing in how much you want to transfer.

You can then click the appropriate button to make the transfer happen, and then it does. You don’t have to consult any manuals or spend minutes or hours hunting around through screen after screen to make sure that you do everything correctly.


Another important thing to look at when you’re evaluating how effective an online payment system is, especially in the context of online gambling, is how much they reveal your personal information. A lot of people would prefer not to give personal information out to sites where they choose to gamble.

Click2Pay has the advantage of not giving out personal details to sites that you connect with online. Considering how important privacy is for the current environment on the Internet, many people view this as a serious plus.

After all, governments and organizations all over the world are constantly prying into the private affairs of individuals for their own benefit. Having a payment system that will defend your private information is often a must as a result.

Immediate Withdrawals

The system also allows for you to withdraw your funds immediately in most circumstances. Some situations might complicate this, but for the most part you can withdraw funds depositing into the account anytime you want. This includes winnings you get from gambling sites, for example.


Another aspect of Click2Pay that is appealing to many people is the fact that they have flexibility when it comes to who they do business with and where they are available. According to multiple sources online, Click2Pay is offered at quite a large assortment of online gambling establishments. This includes many software providers in Canada, for example.

This also includes more than one type of online site. For example, the service works not just at standard casinos, but it also works at poker sites and on sports betting sites online as well. It is true that not every single gambling site online works with the service, but many of them definitely do.

Low Fees

There are some fees related to the site. However, most of these are relatively minor. You pay a few percent when you do credit card deposits, for example. Withdrawal is a set fee, and this is more for withdrawal from a check. You might also pay a bit extra if you’re using foreign currency as well.