Caribbean poker is a casino table game. Caribbean poker has rules that are like five-card stud poker. Caribbean poker is different then regular poker because it is not played again other players. Caribbean poker is played again the house. In this type of poker their is no bluffing, and their is also no other forms of deception.

The payout, and the betting limit for caribbean poker will variety by location. The rules though for caribbean poker are usually standard where ever it is played in the United States of America. In caribbean poker each player places a forced bet of the same amount on a marked spot on the casino table. All of the bets in caribbean poker must be placed before the dealer calls no more bets. When the dealer in caribbean poker announces no more bets they also drop a chip on a slot in the casino table. When the dealer does this it activates a light and the progressive jackpot for that hand of cards, and that seat. Each player who plays caribbean poker has the option to take part in the progressive jackpot, or not. Then in caribbean poker the deal, and each of the players receive five cards. The five cards they all receive are face down on the casino table.

First in caribbean poker the dealer turns over one of their cards, and then they push the cards toward the players. In caribbean poker after that happens, the player may then look at their own cards. The players in caribbean poker are not allowed to talk about what they have in their hand with the other players who are playing. In caribbean poker each player has the choice to fold, or to play. In caribbean poker if the player choose to play they must raise. To raise in caribbean poker the bet they place must be equal, or double to the forced bet they started with. If an player in caribbean poker chooses to fold they give up what they already bet. Once all the players playing caribbean poker have made their choice, then the dealer turns over their remaining four cards for the players to see. The dealer in caribbean poker may only qualify if their hand has formed a pair, has a higher ranked poker hand, or if their hand has an ace and a king in it. After that in caribbean poker the players hands are compared to the dealers hand. When comparing the dealers hand to the players hands in caribbean poker starts with the player who is furthest to the right of the dealer.

In caribbean poker all the players with raised bets, and antes who’s hands beat the dealer win that hand. In caribbean poker the dealers hand does not always qualify. If the dealers hand does not qualify then the ante bets of those players who hands beat the dealers hand get a payout. While the players with raised bets whose hand did not beat the dealer, their bets get returned to them. Though in caribbean poker a player, and the dealer can tie. If their is a tie in caribbean poker then the ante, and the raised bet are then pushed. If in caribbean poker a hand is misdealt then players hand is a dead hand.