Online Gaming Bonuses Are Unique

Before online gaming, the concept of bonus rounds and bonus play was unheard-of. The exceptions have always been things like a double-down or push in Blackjack, and a Monte Carlo round while bowling. The sophisticated, math-based fractals in virtual gaming allows much more complex and vivid interaction between players and host casinos.

In order to succeed at online gaming, a player must have uncanny luck, or be willing to explore all aspects of the games of choice. Most online reel and card games now have classic and fantasy story lines to follow. The goals of these games aren’t only to win jackpots, but to progress to higher and higher levels. This progress, again through the magic of virtual design, increases payouts, excitement, and the positive player/casino relationship.

Casino players are more savvy and hungry for fun than ever. As a result, games have become more fulfilling with the incorporation of intermittent bonus features. These bonus features are as varied as the online games themselves.

Online Casino Bonus Concierge

The most popular online casino games are set-up much like a five star hotel. When a guest walks in, there is a multitude of staff members to familiarize the guests with everything the hotel has to offer. From the start, hotel guests are put at ease about their stay, and become anxious to enjoy it all!

Online games with bonuses are quite similar. The benefit of exploring all of the playing possibilities helps players fully understand the maximum they can win before they begin. All bonus features are laid-out in the “pay lines” section of each game. Some games have only one or two bonus features. Others have multiple bonus features that enhance progressive play along a fantasy story or theme. The most popular games will immediately introduce information pages outlining bonus objectives. The most widely played online casinos will offer categories of their feature games with similar bonus styles to quickly direct players into familiar scenarios.

Making Credits Stretch To The Maximum

The vision most new online casino players have about gaming is the classic “bust,” or “jackpot” mode of play. The bonuses of online games allow a certain betting strategy that makes these thoughts archaic. It’s true even for novice players.

Think of it like sophisticated banking. Money is deposited into a bank for safekeeping. While the money is there, it is subject to the action of compounding. Even if the market is down, a bank account can grow if the right financial vehicles are taken advantage of.

Game bonuses allow standard bets of any size to become more than the face value of a reel, dealt hand, or skillful win. Once an initial bet is placed and regular winnings are awarded, bonus symbols and options can compound that round’s winnings.

Bonuses are also extremely helpful when gauging a credit pool while waiting for a lucky round. Though the bets and winnings can be low, a game’s bonus features can load a win with secondary credits and coins. In other words, when players find themselves in dangerous territory of busting, a single bonus strike can award them with more that they thought possible. Bonuses extend game play and the chances of coming across the opportunity of a huge win. Of course, a player who is aware of a game’s bonus rules is more likely to have extended play. He or she is also able to form a strategy for playing a favorite game.

Enhanced Entertaining And Exciting Play

Traditional casino games normally turn into and endless repetitive exercise in winning or losing. Online enhanced gaming with bonus opportunities turns every game into an adventure.

Most people playing online, want an opportunity to enjoy testing their luck and having fun at the same time. Bonus rounds and winning symbols add multiple layers of excitement to every game. The anticipation of landing on special combinations or custom configurations takes each game into realms far beyond those of traditional casino games.

The bonus round is where the essence of each game is revealed. It is awesome to watch a credit pool fill-up with unexpected credits while playing along with the game’s story. Bonus rounds launch players into feuds between good and evil, random space-aged geodesic experiments, virtual gladiator battles, and fantasy interactions between goblins and elves, to name a few likely scenarios. Bonus symbols occurring in reel-oriented games will provide a taste of a game’s potential jackpots and pay-outs.

The nature of online play revolves around the split-second skill of the player. Bonus play is designed to challenge the skill of a player while adding to the richness of the playing experience. Every online game can be enjoyed without knowing the details of its bonus features, but an awareness of these features will ensure that a player experiences all that the game has to offer.

Individual Game Rules And Incentives

Forming the habit of exploring an online game’s bonus features will allow a player to notice the tiny details that make each game special. Beyond huge progressive jackpots and legendary wins, each game has unique bonus features that coincide with the details of regular play.

The advantage of becoming familiar with a game’s bonus features is forming a strategy for play including lines bets, coin amounts, and deciding whether to rely on normal play or bonus rounds for bolstering an account. Every game is different, so it pays to read and understand the instructions before playing commences. It also pays to decide whether a game’s bonus options are best for enhancing the playing experience, earning a large winnings account, or increasing a game’s “fun factor.”

Common Bonus Scenarios

The most common reel and traditional card game bonus rounds occur after certain special symbols or card combinations are shown. Initial winnings from normal play is tallied, then a separate screen is loaded for an alternate virtual game with a chance to win even more.

The bonus screens will likely have a common theme with the game as a whole, and require the player to click or choose an option that starts a random generator. If the game’s random selection matches the player’s, the potential for huge winnings exists. Some bonus rounds are more interactive than others. They will require the player to exhibit quick mouse-clicking skills, combat strategy, target timing, or sustained role playing in order to collect extra credits. The better a player is at the these skills, the more credits can be earned for regular play in the pursuit of a normal or progressive jackpot.

Coming across bonus options is one way to learn how to benefit from a game’s optional functions, but taking the time to read the casino’s rules on each game will eliminate the bonus round “learning curve.”

The Power Of Multipliers

One aspect of bonus features during play is the presentation of non-standard multipliers. These can show-up as rare symbols in a reel games, special rules in a card game, or modified symbols in timed sequences. Instead of winnings that turn a play into an “at par” or below win, multipliers can quickly add to a winner’s pot. In many cases, multipliers only occur during a special bonus round, so it is worth it to notice how these features are stated in the gaming rules and strategy hints.

Deeper Interaction With Favorite Games

Technology and learning from centuries of casino operation has allowed online casinos to offer games that are complex with varying degrees of difficulty. Whichever game is a player’s favorite, the bonus options allow them to explore more intimate realms within the game itself.

As a player becomes more familiar with how bonuses are used to trigger more ways to be successful at a favorite game, a higher degree of gaming fervor will grow. Taking the time to learn more about the details of a game’s bonus options will open brand new ways to win while playing familiar games. It is also recommended that players take advantage of online forums and gaming group message boards to discover ways to use bonuses on certain games that they never thought were possible.

Common Bonuses During Play

A majority of online games have bonuses embedded in normal and optional play modes. After becoming familiar with a game’s bonus features, it will be easier to recognize bonus indicators. This is a list of the most common bonus types explained in rules and regulations while learning how to navigate and take advantage of a game’s main bonuses.

- Non-wild symbols acting in combinations for unlocking bonus rounds
- Line multiples, or symbols working in concert to form unexpected wins
- Special off-board lights that signal a time when bonus options can be chosen
- Special symbols that have added value when shown in groups of two, three, or more
- Wild play bonuses that are compounded with other wilds to multiply winnings
- Bonus symbols that cause extra animated graphics for more fun while playing
- Mystery symbols that are revealed only after certain bonus play criteria are met

Common Bonuses For Establishing Accounts

Some online gaming bonuses can be taken advantage-of before any game is started. Many casinos offering gaming with real money, will offer bonuses for simply signing onto regular play. Real money account activation bonuses can be as simple as a few bucks toward the next play on a favorite game, or as generous as thousands of dollars in match play for keeping select accounts full. It is absolutely essential that real money online casino patrons take the time to notice new bonuses offered by their favorite gaming portals.

>Game Control Bonuses

Learning about game bonuses also happens away from the casino portal. Secret player strategies and techniques are shared between players on forums and other social accounts. The official literature that is given with every online game is, of course, the authoritative source for playing information. It is not uncommon however, for players having a shared favorite game to reveal playing strategies to one another. In many cases, this is a way for novice players to find ways to take advantage of bonus features as they sidestep a long game playing term.

As an example of a shared bonus secret, the “Spin” button on many reel games is also a “Stop” button. This is one bonus feature on a standard board that is overlooked by enthusiastic players. The “Stop” button adds an element of control to many reel games. It allows the player to determine the length of time the reels will spin. Often, interrupting programmed play will produce stellar winnings. It also quickens the game’s process, and the rate at which jackpots are encountered.

Crash Courses In Understanding Bonus Symbols And Rounds

Most networked online casinos, and individual online games will present multiple pages of rules, regulations, symbol recognition, and incentives for deposits. Thousands of games compose the online gaming universe, so it is always profitable to read the rules pertaining to game bonuses. Though standard payouts come easy to certain players, others will have the opportunity to enjoy gaming for longer periods by knowing how to activate bonus symbols and bonus rounds. A solitary bonus achieved on any game through an educated player strategy could mean the difference between losing everything, and hitting one round to earn more credits and/or money than the player imagined.

If bonuses are offered, it is absolutely worthwhile to become familiar how using these bonuses form appropriate strategies for each game. That’s the beauty of online casino gaming. Bonuses take players beyond the standards of traditional play for more entertainment, interactivity, and possible earnings.