Gambling is one of the fastest growing areas of entertainment today. With the internet, there are millions of people that are able to learn and play online from the comfort of their own home. At the end of the day, it does matter where a person plays as long as they learn how to do so effectively. One of the most popular gambling games is Blackjack. This is often referred to the game with the least amount of luck involved, which means a high level of skill is needed in order to succeed on the big stage. There are several ways in which a person can maximize his or her chances of winning a lot of money in Blackjack. Here are some tips for those that want to learn the finer things about one of the best gambling games in the whole world, Blackjack.

Start Small

As a beginner, it is always important to start out small. Many people start to play Blackjack and think that they have the game down so they want to start betting more money. In our experience, take a least a couple of months of playing on some of the smaller tables in order to learn about different situations that you may encounter. You will never be prepared for every situation that shows up while playing Blackjack, but there are a variety of experiences that do come along with playing the game. There are many people that say it took them years to truly learn how to react in a variety of different situations. Always start small, and once you feel comfortable with the game and your ability to react in different situations you can move up to higher tables.

Know Your Numbers

The most common number associated with Blackjack is 21, which is essentially the goal of the game. Gamblers want to be as close to hitting 21 when they count their cards. However, there are also some other important numbers when playing Blackjack. First of all, know how many cards you have left to play. In addition, if you could a face card worth ten points, it is important to understand that the likelihood of getting another face card when you draw is lower. With each card that you get, the odds of drawing it again are reduced. There are several points that make it more likely that you will get to 21. There are also several decision points from which to play.

One of the most difficult point levels to play from is 12. With a 12, the score is way too low to stop playing. However, if a face card is drawn a person will automatically be eliminated. Only in extremely rare circumstances should a person ever stop playing once they hit 12. The only situation we could think of was if you were playing against another person and they busted or went over 21 points. In each situation of playing Blackjack it is always important to get back to the objective of playing the game.


The longer a person plays Blackjack, the more likely they will encounter a long winning or losing steak. it is important to realize that if you continue to play the way you should, at some point a losing streak will end. There are many people that get on a losing streak and stop playing all together because they get frustrated. Always remember to keep working towards what your goal is.

Soft 17

One common hand in Blackjack is called a soft 17. This is where a person has a 6 and an ace. The soft 17 comes from the fact that they player could either make this a 7 or a 17 depending on how they play the ace. In this situation, it is always ideal to take another hit. The odds are in a player’s favor in this case almost all of the time. Many people think that just because they hit a 17 they should stop playing. While this is true in some cases, in others like the soft 17 it is not. This is a great tip that many people truly do not seem to know.

Never Feel Pressure to Tip Dealer

When playing Blackjack many people feel the pressure to tip the dealer. Contrary to popular belief, nothing the dealer does has any impact on whether or not you will hit a hot streak. Instead of trying to affect your chances of winning big by tipping the dealer, save that money for the next time you have a cold streak. There are going to be times when you win big, and other times when you lose big. Do not waste a big chunk of your winnings on something like tipping the dealer. This will add up over the long run and put you ahead.

Manage Finances

Many people do not think personal finance tips belong in a section about Blackjack, but at the end of the day one of the primary reasons that people play the game is to win more money. If a person is not managing their money correctly, all of their studying is going to go to waste. A person that gambles should be using money that they will not miss if they were to lose. Nothing is worse that trying to make gambling decisions with money that you cannot afford to lose. Not only does this affect your mentality when playing the game, but it also takes the fun out of the sport of Blackjack.

Always remember that it is important to play with the house’s money. This means that if you win some money while playing Blackjack one night, you should save the money and play with the winnings the next night. Any time it is feasible, you should be always using the money that you won from previous times playing Blackjack. Over time, this will increase your return exponentially because you are risking less principle than you would be otherwise. Although personal finance tips are not something that you would commonly see about Blackjack, it is at its core a game about winning more money.

Limit Luck

One of the biggest keys to winning over the long term with Blackjack is to limit the luck factor. At the end of the day, there is always going to be some luck involved. However, the people that have success in the Blackjack game over a long period of time are the people that limit the luck factor and move the odds to being in their favor. There are always certain actions that you can take that make it so your risk of losing is decreased. There are several pivot points in the game that make it so the decisions should be made ahead of time.

One example of a hard decision that should be made is with a hard 17. Unlike a soft 17, a hard 17 is where the cards that make up the 17 points do not include an ace. It can be tempting to try and get closer to the 21 point score. However, no matter what cards you have in your hand, it is never a good idea to take another hit when you have a hard 17. There is no math problem that someone could work where the statistics would tell us that it makes sense to do so. This is important to remember when using Blackjack playing skills.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world for a reason. It is one of the best gambling games because it involves the least amount of luck. Although card counting is illegal in many casinos it is important to know the numbers on your cards. There are a variety of situations that can always come up when you are playing with your games, and it is important to know what you are going to do on the front end of the playing wheel. There are things like a hard 17 where the decision should be the same no matter what the playing situation. Also, if you were to make some money while playing Blackjack it is important to manage that in a way that is fiscally responsible. There are many people that make a lot of money playing Blackjack and waste it away.