It has been said that 2015 can be known as “The Year of The Slots.” People that play casino games on the internet believe that an online casino is as good as the games that are on the website. The operators of these websites answer to this was make more games available to their customers by adding new slot machines games on their sites. The ideas for these games came from well-known television shows, movies, and even Marvel comics. Adding these new games to their sites pleases their loyal customers and adds new life to their game libraries. Also, slot machines bring in the most profit to online casinos due to the fact that people play them around the clock with the dream of winning the big jackpot. Since slot games are a big money maker for online casinos, casinos are always striving to have the newest and most up-to-date slot games to keep their current customers and to attract new ones as well. As I mentioned, there are plenty of new slot games available to people that like to play games websites including ones named after television shows.

The Friends game surprised a lot of people because it took so long to be licensed. It is set be released ten years after the final episode of this show was aired. It will be interesting to know if the characters of the show are as possible as they were on their television show. The new Mad Men slot game is based on a classic television show and it should attract the people that love the show. Since the game based on the cartoon show the Jetson’s is very popular, the creators of the game made the Flintstone’s game and it is just as well-liked. International Game Technology obtained the rights to the Ellen DeGeneres well-known talk show and has created a game based on her show. Game of Thrones is a popular H.B.O. television show about a mystical world where demons and dragons live around humans. The casino game was set to release earlier this year. The Sons of Anarchy show is about a biker gang that fight with other gangs, law enforcement, and trying to keep drugs out of their town. The slot game based on this television show will have two 21.5 monitors, programmable buttons, and a relaxing design.The Big Bang Theory has amused a lot of people with their different style of comedy. It is very popular with over eighteen million viewers every week. The features of this game are an eighty-four inch television screen, 4K resolution, the main stars are focused in the game, the soft kitty, warm kitty, and the Bazinga sign. Duck Dynasty is a television show that focuses on God, family, and their family business. The rights to the show have been purchased and the slot game will feature the main cast members of the show, frogs, ducks, and some of the wives in the show. There are also casino games that are based on movies.

Austin Powers is known as a groovy movie series and has become a multi-million dollar movie with movie and merchandise sales. The rights to the movie were purchased in 2012, the movie was shown off at an expo in 2014, and it came out this year. The game has five reels and thirty paylines and wonderful bonuses and graphics based on the characters in the movies. The Gremlins movies are still popular to this day. The cute little creatures in the movies can not be exposed to sunlight, get wet, or be fed after midnight. The slot game based on these movies utilize large screen LED high-definition televisions, a lot of animation, and great sounds. With all of this great stuff, it totally has the essence of the movie down to a pat. There are other popular slot games that came out this year.

The Britney Spears game stands out on the floor of a casino with high definition displays and symbols in a lot of different sizes that include her boots, microphone, jewelry, red lips, perfume, and more. The bonuses are free spins, wilds, win multipliers, and bonus games that players can enjoy while enjoying Britney’s music in the background. With his unique wardrobe and one-of-a-kind songs, Elton John has been a famous singer for a lot of decades. He sings a lot in Vegas and will continue to through at least 2017. The game that is designed after him is bold and bright just like he is. The reel symbols have a musical theme, it has pictures of Mr John throughout the decades, and pianos, sunglasses, and gold records are also part of the reels. There is an “I’m Still Standing bonus (that gives out free spins and wild symbols) and a “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” Bonus (which has a wheel of fortune above the slot with rewards of wild symbols and win multipliers during that bonus round). Lastly, the “Rocket Man” feature also has a wheel of fortune spin and a player can possibly win big if almost all of their symbols turn wild. Other casino slot games that are new this year are: Centaur, Tour de Paris, Mousetrap, and Spy Versus Spy.

With all the graphics, music, bonuses, convenience, and a variety of games, online slot games should continue to grow in popularity. Throughout the rest of this year, a game about Michael Jackson, The Dark Knight, and Avatar are supposed to come out. With the increasing popularity and fame, there should continue to be an outpouring of online casino slots.