If you play poker, you are familiar with the terms aces and with faces. As the word aces means, an ace whether spade, diamond, heart or club is very important in poker since an ace is the highest winning card. As the word faces means, all face cards are kings, queens and jacks and are next in line in winning when playing poker. For example, three queens will beat three tens. That simple information is important when playing poker since poker is a card game that requires the poker player to discard several cards, one card or no cards once dealt a poker hand. How the poker player decides on which cards to discard depends on his understanding of poker hands like a royal flush, a straight or two or more of a kind. The aces faces strategy in poker playing simply teaches the poker player to keep his aces and his face cards when trying to make a winning poker hand since even if he doesn’t make the straight, he might win on high cards.

Actually, it makes sense to use the aces and face card strategy since the principle behind it is simply to win. Keeping in mind that poker like all games is meant to be played and won, the poker player should teach himself not to fall into the trap of some poker players who aim for a particular hand and throw away cards that could win on their own. Learning what pays at a particular poker table and following the rules by keeping the aces and the face cards insures that the poker player can outwit the table. The poker table is set up to get the poker players money. The poker player understands that since their would be no gambling if the table didn’t have the means to support itself and pay off winning players. The aces faces strategy simply gives the poker player an even chance at letting the poker table pay him instead of his fellow poker players.

Some poker players fail to understand that they are competing with other players. In order to take the blinders off and understand the strategy of winning, the poker player needs to have a firm understanding of a simple trick, keeping those cards that will win in spite of a poker players childish fascination in thinking that he can manipulate or force a card from the dealer or see a card coming from the dealer or hoping that the dealer will give him the card he thinks he needs when he can get over the stress of mentally challenging poker hands by keeping his high cards and discarding his lower cards. Of course, if the poker hand is four twos and a king, it is obvious that the king, in this hand should be discarded. But, if the poker hand is a king, queen, jack and two twos, the two twos should be discarded if playing following the aces faces strategy poker strategy in winning.