The Martingale is the most commonly used strategy by players to increase their chances of winning. The idea is to increase the bets after a player has lost consecutively, and when they win they go back and bet the initial amount as they start to play again. Many players apply this strategy when placing even chance bets also called “double up method” since they double their bets after losing until they win. The Martingale strategy can increase a player’s chance to win in the short term because he is betting big to win small. This implies that winning sessions will be more but the amounts won will be small, while losing sessions’ frequent will be less, but amount much bigger.

When using Martingale strategy, players should start with the lowest amount that the table limits. If a person has never used this strategy before, here’s exactly how it can be used. If the table limits minimum of $1, then it’s wise to start with this amount. When the bet is lost, a player will increase his next bet amount to $2 and if he still is losses, the next bet will be on $4 and so on. He will keep on increasing his bets each time he loses until eventually he wins. After this win, he will go back and bet for $1 and he can choose the color either red or black.

The main concept of Martingale strategy is that at some point a player will have win and eventually recover the previous losses encountered with one unit. This is a solid and simple idea that many players have managed to apply. Betting on the even chances will include Odd-even, Black-Red and High-Low. The only challenge with this bet is that a player may take too long to win. Indeed, this is a rear event and by that time it happens, he will have reached the table limits and not allowed to bet anymore. This would be the best strategy to use if there were no rules to govern table limits and if players had unlimited bankrolls. Anyway, these conditions are unrealistic because every game must have its own rules.

The strategy has been criticized by some players based on notion that a player will risk many units and win just one unit. They argue that players will reach very high bet for them to regain their losses and gain only one unit profit. This reasoning is quite illogical. In reality, each bet has the same 2 to 1 payoff. Regardless of how much have been placed as bet, it will be won or lost. This is a true fact for Martingale and any other system applied in gambling. Players should overlook the high bets of this system and instead consider the opposite direction. In fact, all other systems that are applied in gambling don’t have ability to regain all previous losses. Thus, Martingale is just the same as other systems that have been used by other players and games.

Since Martingale does not have “stop loss parameter”, the best system to apply is a 4-step Martingale. This is a simple and effective way in which players would be around to double their bets only three times; 1-2-3-4-8. This 4-step Martingale will allow players to win approximately 15 out of possible 10 times which is a 93% win rate. The wins will allow players to gain1 unit each while losing will cost players 15 units back. In some instances a 6-step Martingale can be profitable than 4-step one. As such, the “stop loss” strategy can be a double edge sword. When a player is using a 4-step Martingale strategy, there will be 17 overall spins. If he can manage just 5 wins and 12 losses, he will stay ahead with 5 more units-a profit in this case. This is a wonderful outcome that shows how strong 4-step Martingale system is successful in the event the no long losing streaks.

The Martingale system can be used in Dozen and column bets. This are outside bets with each covering 12 numbers and payouts of 2:1.This means when a player place a bet of 1, he’ll manage to win 3 back. Also, the outside bet has Double Dozen or Column Betting. This is quite interesting because players will bet on two Columns at one time or two Dozens at another time. The progression for this bet is 1-3-9-27-81-243. This implies that a person will bet these amounts on two Dozens at the same time instead of one. For instance, bet on first Dozen for 243 and the same on second Dozen. When a player is using this style to bet, he is covering more than half of the table; hence chances of winning will be more than half of his bets. In fact, this is a good system to use while playing roulette.

As we have witnessed, the Martingale strategy does not win sufficient amount to cover all inevitable losing streak. Players should learn to apply “stop loss” parameter in order to be on the safe side and earn some profit from Martingale. When playing the outside bets, it is a nice strategy to apply on the short term. Another crucial thing to remember is that all roulette games have table limits. Both online and real casinos roulette will not allow a player to bet if he has reached the table limit. In essence, most casinos will limit outside bets to amount of £500 per spin, implying no one can place a bet of £501 or more in one spin. This has restricted some players who would have otherwise utilized all their bankrolls and later turn on to blame the casino for not winning.

Players can also use Martingale strategy to play the inside bets. There are different types of inside bets that a player can decide which one is suitable for him. A player can decide to play line bet which has half a Dozen bets. He will be allowed to place bets on six numbers at once. Corner bet is a four number bet where players bet on “square” of numbers on the table. An example of corner or square bet is 1,2,4,5. Three number bet is also an inside bet and can be played using Martingale. The bet has three different number bets. We have Streets which are 12 of them has numbers like 1,2,3 and 34,35,36 being individual Street bets. Spilt bets are many in roulette table and are two number bets adjacent to one another on the table.

A progression where single number bets are placed is called Single bet. This type of betting is a bit risky since it’s hard to hit a single number. These are the bets that a player can place when betting on the inside. The progressions are quite different depending on the type of bet selected. Players should learn how to apply positive tactics to enable them benefit and earn profit after betting. If on a particular day they are not lucky enough, they should shelve their bankroll for another lucky day. This system is favorable in some bets but very risky in others. For this reason, it is necessary to know which bets have higher chances of winning before starting to double the bets.

Depending on the game to be played, the system will determine how much to be increased. Also, it would depend on the initial amount a played placed when starting to play. It’s advisable for players not to get ahead of themselves, and start by placing small amounts. In this case, they can play for a long time waiting for their lucky chance before they reach the limit. Players are encouraged to learn all available techniques and strategies that would enable them utilize this system effectively.

Martingale is a nice strategy that can be used by professional gamblers who are experienced in gambling. Starters are discouraged to use this system because they need to learn its strategies perfectly. When a player is using Martingale, he can overcome losing streak by just a single win that would produce a profit. A perfect gambler will ensure he has set his limit before entering a casino so as to avoid overspending his bankroll on long losing sessions. The limits would enable players to reserve their bankrolls for another lucky day. Indeed, using Martingale can render gamblers bankrupt hence they should be promptly advised when using this system.