#1. When you should Always Stand
In blackjack it is very important to know when to hit or stand. While sometimes it is difficult to know whether to hit or stand there are times when the best decision would be to stand. If your hand is totaled up to 17-20 (without having an ace in the hand) always stand despite what cards the dealer is showing you. This strategy will help you to make the decision on whether, or not to stand or hit.

#2. When to Hit
It is never quite so easy to tell whether you should hit. However, if your hand totals to 5-8 your best option would be to hit. Honestly, no matter what cards the dealer is showing you it is the best decision to always hit in these instances; or in some cases you can stand. Choosing to stand is a possibility, but the chances of you getting a better card is more likely if you choose to hit.

#3. When to Double Down with a Soft Hand
When to double down with a soft hand can be tricky. Most players double down when their hand totals to 10 or 11. Yet, doubling down can be a hard decision to make when you have an ace card. Here are some helpful tips when your trying to decide whether or not to double down. First, it is not a wise move to double down against the dealer if his/her up card is greater than 7 or 7. Second, the dealer does not have very good odds if their up card is 5 or 6; and it would be to your advantage to double down if your soft hand values at 6. Lastly, your chances are never good if you decide to double down when the dealers up card is a deuce so never do it. These tips will help you in deciding whether or not to double down a soft hand.

#4. Could You Stand on a Hand of 16
This is debatable, because you could stand on 16. However, it is never a good idea to stand on your hand if its hard value equals (12-16) if the dealer is showing you any cards greater than 6. Any card greater than 6 hit, but if the cards are 6 or less then you could stand on your hand depending on your hands total value.

#5. Cards Never to Split
At times in blackjack you are able to split a card, but there are two cards in the deck that you should absolutely never split. The cards 5 and 10. When your playing blackjack always remember never to split 5s or 10s.

#6. Don’t Believe all the Myths
Myths are not true that is why they are called myths. While myths may be based on some truth it is never completely true. For example, the “hot and cold” myth. This myth is completely misleading; and completely untrue. “Hot or cold” dealers and tables simply do not exist. My advice, do not believe all of the myths; and be aware of them. Myths can give you a false sense of security, or can effect the decisions you make in a game. Don’t ever trust a myth, and make sure that you make your decisions based on what you believe to be the right move.

#7. Tipping
Don’t tip unless you feel like it is the right move to make. Don’t give in to pressure when playing blackjack, and only tip if you think that tipping is a good decision for you to make.

#8. The Seat will not effect your Cards
Some people believe that the cards seem to like some seats more than others. This is not true, because each seat is the same. So, when your choosing a seat at the table don’t believe certain cards prefer certain seats. Sit down and play, because there is no such thing as a “lucky seat”.

#9. Insurance
If you are mentally keeping account of the shoe of cards still left to be played, then insurance might be useful. However, most people do not, so insurance does not give you a decent chance in winning. Insurance is something you should never take, because you are way more likely to loose.

#10. Never Bet More Money than you’re willing to Loose
Most people say that you can win more if you bet more. While this may be the case you can also lose. There are never any guarantees that you will win, so you should never bet an amount more than you are able or willing to loose.

#11. Keep your Emotions in Check
If you get worked up over your cards you could potentially cause you to make a major mistake. It is also important to never let the dealer read into your emotions, because they will know they have the upper hand.

#12. Know the Basic Strategy
This is a very basic tip, but useful. Like any good strategy if you know the strategy and can effectively apply it your chances of coming up on top are greater. Memorizing the basic strategy chart will greatly increase your chances of winning, and will make blackjack the game to play if you want to win in the casinos.

#13. Playing Multiple Hands
When you play multiple hands against the dealer your chances of winning do not increase. Playing longer has the same chances as playing multiple hands.

#14. Blackjack Terms
Make sure that before playing blackjack you know what all the terms such as surrender and insurance mean. It is a bad idea to play the game without knowing the terms, and if while playing you are faced with a new term you do not know then as soon as you can learn what the term is and what it means.

#15. Your Never Perfect
This is not a saying, but it is truth. There are always ways to improve your skills at the table. Whether it is learning different ways to play, learning different variations of the game, or new strategies you can always improve. It is never a bad thing to know various ways to play, strategies, and games.

#16. A Card to Always Split
When playing blackjack always split 8s. Since two 8s equal 16 it is wise to split the 8s. This will increase your chances of winning the hand.

#17. Rule of 9
In blackjack there is always the Rule of 9 when doubling down. Always double down when your hand values at 9; and the dealer has an up card of either 4,5, or 6.

#18. Early Surrender
Knowing when to surrender early gives you a greater advantage, and helps to save you money on your bet. Basically, an early surrender is when the dealer faces up an ace card; and you have the opportunity to surrender before the dealer has checked the deck for a blackjack. This allows you to basically give up only half of your bet when an ace is the card the dealer has faced up. In most cases knowing when to surrender will save you money. Although, early surrenders are typically over- looked when the dealer faces up an ace card.

#19. Late Surrender
Like an early surrender a late surrender will allow you to give up half your bet as opposed to playing the hand. This is commonly used when the dealer has an ace faced up, and has already checked the deck for a blackjack. A late surrender is way more common than an early surrender, because players tend to catch it and take the opportunity to keep half of their bet.

#20. Come to Terms with the Fact you will not always Win
Blackjack is not a game you can win every game. It takes time to master, and to develop greater chances of winning. Do not get distraught when you do not win, and do not over bet thinking your invincible. Over- confidence can cause you to make mistakes, or it can cause you to over bet on a hand. Over time you will develop your skills, and eventually your chances of winning will get better.